Procedures - UNCP photography


Head shots are taken in the studio located on the second floor of Jacobs Hall in suite L. Walk-ins are accepted. However, please schedule an appointment for a large group by sending an email to

Please complete and bring the Head Shot Information form with you.


Search through the images you want and fill out the Photography Request Form below including the name of the gallery where the images are located and the image number located below each image. 

For example:

• Gallery Name:
• Image Number Example: jazz_festival_0001.jpg

To Download Individual Unlocked Images:

Click on the image you want to download.

For full resolution:

Click the download button in the bottom right corner.

For smaller image sizes:

Select the image size you want by clicking the size button at the bottom right corner, then "right-click" or "command click" on the image to save.


1. Complete a Photography Request Form. For ANY service provided by the Photography office, a request is required. Whether you need original images to be captured or are searching for existing images, photo jobs begin with the request form. Photo requests should be made available in writing in time for discussion and planning between our office and yours. Weekday requests must be received at least one week in advance. Night and weekend event requests must be received at least two weeks in advance. Please keep in mind there is only one photographer to cover all the campus needs, therefore, not all assignments will be approved and approval is on a first come, first served basis. Be as accurate and thorough as possible when completing your photo request form. These forms ask most of the questions we need to know in order to plan our location, time of day, equipment needed, and the final product you need. These forms are sent in triplicate to different department members to ensure your request is received. Please be thoughtful and clear in completing the forms.

2. Review Process. Your request will be reviewed for approval. Approval can be appealed only by direct communication with the photographer.

3. Confirmation. Your request is not approved until you receive a written confirmation that your request has been added to the photographer’s schedule. If you have not received written confirmation, please assume that your request is not on our calendar.

Consultation. Soon after your photo request is received, we will set up a meeting to discuss your project in greater detail. Consultations give the photographer a greater understanding of the your needs and the ability to optimize the time allotted for your shoot to ensure your expectations are met. These consultations will be held at the photography studio unless the job is simple enough that a phone consultation may suffice. The photo department is not responsible for providing props, models or securing locations. Anything you need for your shoot must be provided by your department and will be planned during your consultation.

Delivery. We have a great new delivery system that allows us to send you a download link to all the images from your assignment. In addition, your images will be kept in an online gallery that you can share via email or social media. Download links will be active for two weeks from the time of creation. If you need to download the images any time in the future, please contact the photographer and a new download link will be created for you. Standard galleries will be set up to protect the images from download or copy by others. You may share them in a great number of ways directly from the site, but you cannot download them individually or print them. Please let us know if you will need a password for your gallery in order to hide it from public view.